I was a  Kindergarten teacher, finishing my Masters in Administration and on my way to becoming an elementary school principal, when I had my first son Jaylen in October 2006.  I took a few months off and when the next school year began I couldn't stand the thought of going back.  However, we were not in a financial position where I could afford to not bring in an income. 

We had piled up a lot of debt during my months off, had no savings, and could barely pay our mortgage.  I searched and searched for something to do from home, but all I found were scams or opportunities that just didn't feel right.  Then I found our team, Finding Freedom, and knew right away it was different.  The Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating and company history were what really convinced me the opportunity was legitimate.

Since joining, my first son was diagnosed with Autism, and I had another son in November 2008, who also has some special needs.  There is no way they could have gotten the help or therapies, or I could have attended the doctor's appointments, meetings and conferences needed if I had worked outside my home, on a tight schedule.  Choosing my hours, and having the freedom to work when and how often I chose has been a blessing for my family. 

I am proud to share that we are almost completely out of debt, have savings, are beginning college funds for the boys, and retirement funds for us.

I am interested in hearing why you are looking to work from home, whether it's more family time, supplementing an income, replacing an income, or simply wanting the freedom to be your own boss! 

There is no pressure!  If you are interested I am here to help you 100% of the way, but if not, that is fine also.

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