Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Security

I know that the meaning of Christmas is not the presents.  I know that spoiling my kids is not necessary.  But we don't buy our kids very much throughout the year so I love being able to really treat them for this one holiday. 

Last year we had just relocated, my husband left his full time job, and money was beyond tight.  I was working my business and he was freelancing, and not very much.  So we could only do a very small Christmas.  I know this is wrong, but it broke my heart.  It made me sad to not give my boys a really nice Christmas. 

But I did keep in my mind how blessed we were.  How truly happy I was to have a home, and a happy healthy family.  That is by far the most important thing and gift I could ever have. 

This year, we are much more secure.  My husband and I have worked really hard this year and I get to spoil my boys.  It feels good.  Not to be spoiled or have excess money or teach my children they need lots of things.  But it feels really good to see all our hard work paying off.  Knowing that the times I worked when I didn't want to were worth it.  Having some discipline in my home business will make this Christmas extra special. 

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